Job Shadow procedure (overview) - see Details below

  1. Turn in  Job Shadow Registration Form January 27 - January 31 (M-F).
  2. Verify that your student id is listed on the  Registration List on Monday, February 3.
  3. Sign up for jobs beginning Monday, February 10.
  4. Attend mandatory orientation  on Friday, March 6 at the beginning of tutorial (9:40am) and at lunch (1:05pm)  in the Auditorium.  
  5. Confirm with your host and cc jobshadow ( ) by Tuesday, March 10.
  6. Go to Job Shadow assignment.
  7. Write thank you note.
  8. Take online survey.


  1. Registration - January 27 - January 31 (M-F)
  1. Download the  Job Shadow Registration Form  and print it out.
  2. Fill it out COMPLETELY with all required SIGNATURES and INITIALS.
  3. Return the completed form in the library conference room during brunch or lunch.
  1. Verify that you are eligible
  1. On Monday, February 3, check  JS Registration List  posted on the bulletin boards by the Library, as well as on the JS webpage.
  2. If your student ID is not listed, then you did not submit the Registration form or your form was incomplete.
  3. If you feel that this is incorrect email us at .
  1. Sign up for Jobs - Check In / Check Out
  1. Look over available jobs on our website under Job Descriptions.
  2. Write down the jobs you are interested in and save for later use
  3. When your class is eligible to sign up for a job, fill out the online job selection form to submit. (See procedure below: When it is your time to sign up for jobs).
  1. 10pm online start - no early filling out of form and can only sign up ONCE!
  2. You may list as many jobs as you like, but be sure that you are willing to go to any of these. Do not list any job that you do not really want!
  3. Juniors are eligible to sign up starting at 10:00 pm on Monday, February 10.
  4. Seniors are eligible to sign up starting at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, February 11.
  5. Sophomores are eligible to sign up starting at 10:00pm on Wednesday, February 12.
  6. Freshmen are eligible to sign up starting at 10:00pm on Thursday, February 13.
  1. Each class begins their job selection at 10:00 PM on the night designated above. The class will be split into groups based on when you submit your job selections. At the end time of each group everyone who has submitted their job selection will be randomly processed by the computer and receive a job assignment.* Every person in a given group has the same weight as anyone else, regardless of when in the time period you submit your jobs. The group time breakdown is as follows:
  1. 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  2. 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  3. 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM
  4. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  5. 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  1. Please take your time in selecting and ordering your jobs. You will only be allowed to submit your job selection once, and any jobs that you rank must be considered acceptable to you.

* If all the jobs you have selected are already full, you will not receive a job assignment. You will remain in the system in the order your job selection was processed (randomly) by the computer. If an opening should occur, the computer will bring up the students who did not receive a job and try to fill the opening with someone who has requested/listed that job.

  1. When it is your time to sign up for jobs:
  1. Go to the Check In tab and complete the information on the form, then hit the submit button. It should say on the screen (in the upper right) that you are the current student.
  2. Go to the Job Descriptions tab and peruse the list for jobs that interest you. You will be collecting jobs in a shopping cart. You will be able to edit the cart once you are done selecting jobs.
  1. Click on any job listing for more detailed information about that job and to also bring up the shopping cart. This will (also) give you the opportunity to place this job in your shopping cart
  2. Check the date and time to make sure you can attend. Also, check the Important Information criteria and make sure you qualify.
  3. Continue placing jobs until you have selected all of the jobs you would be willing to shadow
  4. Return to the job catalog so that you can see the "check out" tab on your screen.
  1. Go to the Check Out tab and you will see a list of all the jobs in your cart. To the left of each one is an up arrow and a down arrow.
  1. Use these arrows to move the jobs around until the list in is order by preference with the top job being your first (top) choice. Every effort will be made to give you this job, but it is understood that every job on this list is acceptable to you.
  2. Delete any jobs that you no longer are interested in.
  3. IMPORTANT:  Be sure to double check the Important Information criteria for each job to be sure that you meet them. Do not choose any job where you do not meet the requirements.
  4. You may initially get assigned a job even if you do not meet the requirements, but you will not be able to keep this job. At that point in time the jobs currently available will be severely limited, so watch the requirements and abide by them.
  5. We encourage you to pick jobs that are open and to remember that just because it is open now does not mean that you will get that job.  Most often the first group of each evening consists of over 100 students all contending for the same jobs.  If the job you want only has 2 open slots, you only have a 1/50th chance of getting it, so be sure to include other jobs that you would find acceptable.
  6. Be sure this list is exactly as you want—you can only submit one time!
  7. Click on the "Submit" button to finalize your choices.
  1. Once you click on the "Submit" button, you will receive a notification that lists all of your preferences. You may want to print this list for your records.  If you do not receive an email within 30 minutes listing the jobs you just submitted, please send an email to  listing your name, grade, student ID, and the jobs you tried to sign up for.  Please do this ASAP so that we can note and fix the problem.  The longer you wait to inform us, the harder it will be for you to get any job assignment.
  2. You will receive an email within the next 2-3 days that will tell you which job you have received.
  1. Respond to this email within 24 hours to confirm that you understand which job you have been assigned to and that you accept this assignment, otherwise you might lose your job assignment.
  2. If there is a compelling reason why you can not accept this assignment, you must let us know at this time. You will not be allowed to choose another job once you have refused an assignment.
  3. If you did not receive any of the jobs you listed, you may peruse the job description list again to see if any open jobs interest you. Email to let us know of another job you would now be willing to take.
  1. Mandatory Orientation- Friday, March 6
  1. Attend the Job Shadow MANDATORY orientation at the beginning of tutorial (9:40am) and at lunch (1:05pm) in the Auditorium .
  2. Bring your student I.D.
  3. You will receive details of your job shadow assignment (host name and contact info, where to meet host, etc.).
  1. Confirm with your host by 4:00PM on Wednesday, March 11 via email and be sure to cc jobshadow ( ).  
  2. Go to your Job Shadow assignment on your assigned date.
  3. Dress appropriately. Remember, you are representing Lynbrook.
  4. Thank You notes -   See Thank You/Survey tab for instructions (will be available after registration is closed).  
  5. Online survey - Take the online survey after you have attended your job shadow assignment. See Thank You/Survey tab for instructions.
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